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"What (camera operating) really is, is it’s music. It is an instrument, and a great (camera) operator has music in them and they feel the music."


Sherman-Palladino, writer/director of "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel"

Notable Film Credits:


Steadicam Operator

Director: John Trengrove / Cinematographer: Wyatt Garfield / Prod. Co: Capstone Studios

"The Crusades"

A-Camera / Steadicam Operator

Director: Leo Milano / Cinematographer: Dillon Schneider / Prod. Co:  Bad Little Things

"Bar Fight"

A-Camera / Steadicam Operator

Director: Jim Mahoney / Cinematographer: Peter Mosimon / Prod. Co: Ingenious Media

"Kanye with Special Guest Drake: Free Larry Hoover Benefit Concert"

Steadicam Operator

Director: Niklas Bildstein Zaar / Cinematographer: Lawrence Sherr / Prod. Co: Amazon music

Sub Urban "Bandit"

DP. Neema Sadeghi

Director: Brendan Vaughnn

Production Company: Obsidian

Producer: Callie Schuttera

Khalid "Skyline"

DP. Damien Blue

Director: Cody Laplant

Production Company: Muddy Water

Short Film. "Thirst"

DP. Evan Butka

Director. Stefan Dezil

De'Wayne "I Know Something"

DP. Matt Hoodhood

Director: Joe Mischo

Production Company. Blk. Mtn.

Role Model "For The People In The Back"

DP. Ben Goodman

Director. Dylan Knight

Production Company. The Resource Room, Inc.

Kappa "SS22 Footwear Campaign"

DP. Doug Porter

Director: Brent Campanelli

Production Company: Tuff Contender 


DDG & OG Parker "Impatient"

DP. Josh Saideman

Production Company: Blank Square

DVSN "Between Us"

DP. Ben Goodman

Director: Brendan Vaughnn 

Production Company: Huffman Creative

Gashi "Paranoid"

DP. Ben Goodman

Director: Alejo Restrepo

Production Company. L3ft, Inc.

Role Model "Notice Me" 

Director. Dylan Knight

Producer Tom Blumberg

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